Specialist Motoring Lawyers across the UK 

Our talented motoring lawyers have helped our clients avoid disqualification from driving for the past 35 years.    

We represent clients across Norfolk, Suffolk and the UK who are accused of many different motoring offences who are at risk of receiving penalty points or losing their driving licence which can have a huge impact on their work and their families.     

Motoring law is a specialist area with often highly technical defences which require expert preparation and advocacy.     

Even if you are considering pleading guilty to an offence, by having expert representation from one of our advocates we can persuade the magistrates that you should receive a lower sentence, or fewer penalty points, by presenting your mitigation with reference to the sentencing guidelines and case law. We can advise you on circumstances where you may be able to keep your driving licence by arguing that to lose it would cause you or your family 'exceptional hardship' or that there are 'special reasons' why you should not receive penalty points on your licence. 

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