Being interviewed in relation to a benefit fraud allegation can be an intimidating situation. Most interviews are done at the benefits office, formally under caution and recorded on DVD. Fraud investigators will go through claim forms and supporting evidence asking you to account for what they consider are circumstances which indicate you have behaved dishonestly by failing to supply the correct information or that you have made a false representation which would have affected your entitlement to benefits.    

How can ACT Solicitors help me?

We will meet you at the benefits office, speak to the investigating officer and find out what the allegation is and what evidence they have to put to you. We will then go into a private consultation room with you and explain the allegation, the law in plain English so you understand the nature of the allegation, the procedure and your legal rights. We will then stay with you during your interview, continuing to advise you and ensure that the interviewing officer is conducting the interview process fairly. After the interview we will have a further consultation with you at the benefits office and advise you on all the possible outcomes. 

Can you represent me at court?

Yes, one of our experienced solicitors can represent you at court. We will go through all the evidence with you, explain the allegations, and advise on whether you have a legal defence.  

Even if you have decided you wish to plead guilty to the allegation, our expert advocates can explain to the magistrates or judge the reasons why the offence took place, hand in character references and direct the magistrates or judge to the appropriate sentencing guideline. This will mean in court you will have to speak only to confirm your name, date of birth, address and enter your plea. 

Going to court can be a traumatic experience, our advocates can ease some of the stress away by speaking on your behalf.   

Is legal aid available for benefit fraud matters?

Legal aid is available subject to your income position for benefit matters that progress to court. At the interview stage we offer fixed fee services.  

Please contact our office on 01603 610611 for further details as to how we can help you or funding your case.