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Our team of lawyers are here to advise and represent you when you are interviewed by the police in respect of a criminal allegation. We are here to protect your legal rights so someone is on your side at the police station. This service is free of charge under our criminal legal aid contact with the legal aid agency.

I'm innocent, do I need a lawyer?

Yes! If you are being interviewed by the police there is likely to be evidence to suggest you have been involved in a criminal offence. The decisions you make when you are interviewed will affect how your case progresses, for example whether no further action is taken or whether you are charged or cautioned for an offence. Should the case go to court, what you have or have not chosen to say in your police interview will affect whether you are found guilty or not guilty. It is important to get expert legal advice early on in proceedings. 

Will asking for a lawyer delay matters?

Unlikely. You will be asked if you want a solicitor when you arrive at the police station. The police then contact the criminal defence call centre who contact us straight away. Whilst the booking in procedure is completed or the officer is getting ready for the interview we will make our way into the station. Our offices are conveniently located with easy access to the police stations in Norfolk and Suffolk. During the night and on weekends, we have lawyers across Norfolk and Suffolk very close to all the police stations.  

If you are being interviewed by the police by appointment, we can arrange for a lawyer to be in attendance in advance.

How do I arrange a solicitor?

If you know in advance you are to be interviewed, contact us on 01603 610611 and we will arrange your representation. 

If you are arrested suddenly, ask for ACT or your chosen solicitor once you arrive at the police station.