Funding your case

We hold a government awarded contract to represent clients who wish to apply for legal aid. 

Police Station 

Legal aid is available for all police station cases where you are going to be interviewed under caution on suspicion of a criminal offence whether at the police station, or at your home. This is available irrespective of your financial circumstances. 

Court Representation

For those cases that progress to court, legal aid may be available depending on the type of case and your financial situation. Please contact us for an assessment if you think you may qualify for legal aid. 

For our private clients we provide hourly rates, breakdowns of anticipated costs and offer fixed fee agreements in respect of Magistrates' and Crown Court offences.


We are able to offer fixed fee costs for representation. Please contact us to confirm the location of your interview and for further information regarding costs. 


Legal aid may be available for some motoring cases depending on the seriousness of the allegation and your financial position. For our private clients we offer competitive fixed fees for advice and representation from our experienced motoring law team.