Specialist Motoring Lawyers across the UK 

Our talented motoring lawyers have helped our clients avoid disqualification from driving for the past 42 years.    

We represent clients across Norfolk, Suffolk and the UK who are accused of many different motoring offences who are at risk of receiving penalty points or losing their driving licence which can have a huge impact on their work and their families.     

Motoring law is a specialist area with often highly technical defences which require expert preparation and advocacy.     

Even if you are considering pleading guilty to an offence, by having expert representation from one of our advocates we can persuade the magistrates that you should receive a lower sentence, or fewer penalty points, by presenting your mitigation with reference to the sentencing guidelines and case law. We can advise you on circumstances where you may be able to keep your driving licence by arguing that to lose it would cause you or your family 'exceptional hardship' or that there are 'special reasons' why you should not receive penalty points on your licence. 

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Costs for Motoring Cases

ACT Solicitors is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). The SRA Transparency Rules require that we publish price and service information for summary motoring offences.

The costs of a case will depend on the location of the hearing, whether the case is concluded in a single hearing, whether it is adjourned until a further hearing and the complexity of the case which affects the preparation required.

All the preparation and representation will be done by one of our highly experienced solicitors and directors of the firm, Ryan Creek, James Burrows, Alison Armstrong or Malcolm Plummer.

The hourly rates for these Directors are £245 per hour + VAT. All our team are extremely experienced advocates regularly representing clients in court on a variety of offences from motoring to murder. Our firm holds the Law society’s excellence standard in legal practice (LEXCEL) and we are regulated by the solicitors regulation authority. We have experience of fighting our client’s cases right through to successfully winning motoring cases at the High Court.

We also offer fixed fee arrangements for our clients if they prefer.

Our range of fees

Our offices are located in Norwich and Thetford, the fees below provide an indication of our typical client costs for all courts in Norfolk and Suffolk.

We are happy to travel across the UK to represent our clients, there may be additional travel costs chargeable.

We offer three levels of advice and assistance to represent our clients:-

1. 1 hour - Law, procedure and advice appointment - £180 + VAT

During this appointment you will meet one of our motoring specialist solicitors and directors of the firm, James, Ryan, Alison or Malcolm. They will explain the law relating to your case, advise on procedure and any defences you may have, and if appropriate explain sentencing in your case.

2. Law, Procedure & advice appointment + preparing evidence for your hearing - £350 + VAT

In addition to your law, procedure and advice appointment, one of our directors will fully advise and support you in terms of gathering evidence and assist you in preparing a written document for you to argue your case at court.

3. Law, procedure, advice appointment, preparation and Representation at your court hearing

We appreciate many people find the court environment intimidating and going to court with one of our specialist advocates takes away a lot of the anxiety and stress they may experience. In addition to your law procedure and advice appointment (which you can chose to have in the office or at court on the day), we will speak on your behalf, presenting your case and for a guilty plea persuade the court to impose the most lenient sentence possible.

For many motoring offences the magistrates will be considering a period of disqualification and because this has such far reaching consequences it is so important to highlight your case in the most favourable light to persuade the magistrates not to disqualify or keep the period to the minimum possible.

When the stakes are so high in that disqualification can affect loss of employment, reduction in income, loss of social mobility, impact on family life or caring for others, many of our clients feel that this is best left to an experienced professional to argue.

Our fees for representation depend on whether the case is concluded in one hearing, two hearings or progresses to a contested trial.

A Guilty plea case concluded in one hearing £550 + VAT

This will often be the case if you are pleading guilty to an offence and the magistrates are able conclude your case and impose the sentence at the one hearing. Most guilty plea cases where exceptional hardship or special reasons are not advanced fall within this category.

Representation on a guilty plea arguing special reasons or exceptional hardship £850 + VAT

For many motoring offences, the magistrates will consider whether to disqualify you from driving. If the court is considering disqualification, it may be possible to argue that to lose your licence would cause you or another ‘exceptional hardship’. We can assist you in preparing your documents to present to court and advance the arguments on your behalf to persuade the magistrates you should keep your driving licence.

Even if you have pleaded guilty to an offences, it may be possible to argue that there are special reason’s relevant to the offence that mean the magistrates should not endorse your licence with points or should impose fewer than the guidelines suggest.

Often where a guilty plea is entered and a client wishes to argue exceptional hardship or special reasons, the case will be adjourned to a second date to enable evidence to be gathered and the case to be presented. Our fee includes advice and assistance in our appointment, preparation, and representation at two court hearings.

Representation at a trial when you plead not guilty - £1750 + VAT

If you plead not guilty the court is unable to deal with the case then and there as witnesses will have to be called and evidence given. This second hearing will be called a trial. At that hearing the prosecution and defence will present their case, witnesses will be called and the magistrates will make a decision. Our fee includes your appointment to discuss law, evidence and procedure, preparation including us obtaining witness statements from any relevant witnesses in your case, all the necessary preparation and representation at the first hearing and at your trial.

How are our fees calculated?

The fee is calculated on the basis of the time expected to be taken for taking instructions, advising, preparation and attendance at Court including travel and waiting time and letters and telephone calls.

What does the fee include?

  • Meeting with you and advising you on plea, procedure and sentencing.

  • Taking your instructions on any evidence

  • Reading the evidence and advising your on any defences, strengths and weaknesses of your case.

  • Advice on whether you are at risk of disqualification and whether you have grounds to make an exceptional hardship or special reasons argument.

  • Where appropriate above – representation at your hearing where we speak on your behalf in court

  • Travel, waiting, letters and telephone calls.

    If you would like any further information or to arrange your representation today please call 01603 610611.