For many servicemen the thought of facing the prospect of Courts Martial is one of the most difficult and intimidating situations they will have to face (and many are regularly on the front line fighting for us). The reason is that the stakes are high, they have committed to a number of years of service and the outcome of their case will have a huge effect on their current role, family and future career prospects. We are here to help with expert advice and representation.  

Jamieson Plummer, the firm's Head of Legal Practice, and an experienced advocate with over 35 years' experience, has developed an excellent reputation for his advice and advocacy in respect of offences before a Courts Martial. 

For those of you who are not in military - a Courts Martial is a military court where the guilt of members of the armed forces is determined by applying military law. If the defendant is found to be guilty of an offence, they will then be sentenced.  

How the trial is conducted is governed by the Courts Martial rules. This is where the benefit of expert legal advice from an advocate experienced in the processes and rules of evidence in this specialist court environment is crucial.

Investigation Stage

Our team of lawyers are also available to represent you at the investigation stage of your case if you are going to be formally interviewed under caution. We regularly travel to military bases to represent our clients. This is free of charge to you.  

Do you travel?

Yes, we are available to advise and represent you across the UK and even overseas.  

How is my representation funded?

Funding for Courts Martial is similar to legal aid for the Magistrates' or Crown Court. It is operated by the armed forces and we can help you complete the necessary paperwork. 

You have a right to legal advice and a lawyer to represent you. Please contact our office on 01603 610611 and ask to speak to Jamieson who will be able to assess you for funding and advise you on your case.